Harry Styles as Prince Eric is *Almost* Confirmed

Harry Styles as Prince Eric is *Almost* Confirmed

Harry Styles has been in talks to play Prince Eric in Disney‘s live-action reboot of The Little Mermaid. As the days pass, it seems like we’re getting closer and closer to seeing Styles on the big screen.

It’s been two years since the release of Dunkirk, a film Styles took part in. It centered around the historic battle of Dunkirk, where Allied troops became trapped on the beaches of Dunkirk as Germany advanced into France. Dunkirk marked Styles‘s acting debut and put him on the map in the acting world. Styles previously auditioned for the role of Elvis Presley in a new biopic directed by Baz Luhrmann. (Though, he was beaten out by Austin Butler.)

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The Run Down

There’s been plenty of speculation on the star’s whereabouts, as he’s most recently been photographed in London. It’s more than likely that he’s there on meetings with Disney to further discuss the role. While we thought it was only wishful thinking at first, a radio host “confirmed” the news last night.

WBGO FM 88.3 Radio confirmed that Styles would play the role of Disney‘s Prince Eric. The station, based in Newark, New Jersey, blurted out, “you heard it here first, or maybe second, I don’t know … But, Harry Styles from One Direction is going to be Prince Eric for The Little Mermaid!” The news dropped after the station played One Direction‘s breakout single, “What Makes You Beautiful.”

If Styles joins the cast, he would be alongside Halle Bailey as Ariel, Awkwafina as Scuttle, and Jacob Tremblay as Flounder. Details about the live-action reboot are still unknown, though fans are expecting a 2021 release date. Production is rumored to be scheduled to start in April 2020, so that gives Styles roughly eight months to drop HS2. Not like we’re waiting or anything.

All we can say is we see it, we like it, we want it … Now give it to us!

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AUGUST 18 UPDATE: This aged poorly. We’re all in mourning.

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