Sub-Radio is Doing Just Fine in a Dog-Eat-Dog World

Sub-Radio is Doing Just Fine in a Dog-Eat-Dog World

It’s time to dance our way all the way to Washington, DC. Here we’ll come face-to-face with the electrifying indie-pop group, Sub-Radio. Consisting of six multi-talented musicians – Adam Bradley (vocals), Matt Prodanovich (guitar, vocals), Michael Pereira (drums), John Fengya (keys, guitar, vocals), Barry Siford (bass), and Kyle Cochran (guitar, keys) – this supergroup is the perfect example of how to stand out in a crowd of up-and-coming musicians. Despite all the negativity in our world right now, they’re determined to keep their music light and positive.

After embarking on their recent headlining tour, the group is ready to release their brand new EP titled Dog Years (July 19, 2019). This wonderfully occurs just before playing a sold-out hometown show, which can now be done in celebration. Showcasing the sextet’s versatility as they experiment and fully embrace the mixing of genres and styles, Dog Years is quirky and fun and has found its home within all of our summer playlists. Each of the five tracks flows into the next beautifully, adding their own unique flair to the EP overall. They’re a sure-fire way to add some excitement to your next pool party or lengthy family road trip.

For fans of WALK THE MOON and Two Door Cinema Club, Sub-Radio offers everything we didn’t know we needed in this pop-driven world. With Top40 Hits beginning to run together nowadays, it’s refreshing to hear a track and know… THIS is Sub-Radio. The group operates entirely as an independent with no major labels or outside funding, this is a project that was created by them and their fans. It reminds us of Arizona emo-band, The Maine, who have found major global success as a completely independent band. And who knows, perhaps Sub-Radio will also go on to create their own label, brand, and music festival. With the determination and positivity that these guys radiate, nothing would surprise us.

Scroll down to read our one-on-one chat with the band’s lead singer, Adam Bradley, as we discuss new music, what this tour has been like, and our favorite sundae toppings!


You’ve just released a new EP titled Dog Years. What would you say was the biggest inspiration that led to this particular collection of songs?
We had a really light, almost tropical vibe on our first EP (Headfirst), and we wanted the sounds on Dog Years to be more lush and full. We’d been listening to a lot of The 1975, especially their newest album, and it’s fair to say we drew a ton of inspiration from that.

Which song off the EP do you think most accurately represents your band, as a whole, right now?
“Better Than That” is the one we always show people first. It’s extremely Sub-Radio.

Did the writing and recording process for Dog Years differ from your previous EP, Headfirst? How so?
It did, in a lot of ways. We basically self-produced Headfirst, while Dog Years got a huge boost from working with Dylan Bauld (flor) and Andrew Maury. The songwriting process for us has been the same from day 1: get together in a basement and see what happens.

Your music gives off a very happy vibe. If you’re writing and creating about negative topics, what does that process look like and how does it help with healing?
I love this question. We love to write in a joyful and positive vein because it seems like there’s a serious lack of that in the pop world right now. But it’s also critical that we have those other artists (thinking about The 1975, Billie Eilish, Khalid, etc.) who explore all the other emotions that we don’t. For now, we’re happy in the sunshine.

Dog Years

Stream Dog Years on Spotify now!

Rounding out your Know You Better US Tour, what show was most impactful for you so far?
First of all, the tour was a goddamn blast and we’re eternally grateful to all the fans we met in the last 2 months. It wasn’t the most well-attended or high-pressure show, but we all loved a date we played in Olympia, WA. Not only did Michael’s parents surprise him by flying in to see the show, but the opening band was this phenomenal group of high school and college kids who blew us away. It’s cool as hell to find new talent in places you don’t expect.

Besides the most recent single “Dreamcatcher,” did you add any of the new songs to your setlist? Which has been your favorite to play?
We play them all live! A personal favorite to play live is “Million And One”. It pops in a way that I think is pretty different from the studio version.

If you could pick one other band, together still or not, to do a tour run with, who would you choose?
WALK THE MOON. Hope they’re reading this.

On Friday, you’ll be ending the tour with a hometown show. How are you feeling about that? How will it differ from all the other shows this run? What can the fans who are attending expect to see that night?
Couldn’t be more excited about it. It’ll be so fun to play to a sold-out room with some familiar faces. We’ll be playing the whole EP as well as a bunch of our other faves, and putting absolutely all of our energy into the show.

Finally, what is one thing you want new listeners to know about you and take away from your band?
We will never be too cool to meet you, to check out your art, to listen to your home recordings, to just chat about your life. Music can and should be a two-way relationship and we love to get to know the people who love Sub-Radio.

Catch us listening to the entire EP on repeat for the rest of this summer!

Watch the video for Sub-Radio’s most recent single “Dreamcatcher” now!

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Words: Kaiti Fleeger | Images: Kurt

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