Jana: The Wedding Scoop

“It’s a nice day for a…CLOUT wedding” – Billy Idol probably

Weddings. The most important day of your life. You marry the person you love, you hold a beautiful ceremony and reception for your loved ones to watch, and you start the rest of your life together. All for love, right? WRONG. You do it for the clout. At least that’s what Jana taught us.

Last night was one of the biggest nights for the YouTube community. YouTube stars Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul married in a lavish ceremony held in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Also, when we say lavish, we mean LAVISH. Complete with their names painted everywhere physically possible on the venue.

Photo: YouTube

Many people speculated if this wedding was even going to happen since both are the King and Queen of clickbait and clout (sorry David Dobrik). The engagement was announced barely after 2 months of dating and the wedding was held only 20 days later.


Right before the wedding, both took to YouTube to post one last video as a non-married couple. Tana posted a cute 8-minute long ‘video’ (a black screen with a voice-over) to explain her love for Jake.

Whereas Jake took a more Jake approach and totally made us fall for his clickbait. Remember. King of Clickbait.

Despite what most people thought, however, the wedding actually happened! And everyone was invited. By invited we mean that you had to pay $50 to stream it. But hey, that’s Jana!

Throughout the wedding, Tana had 3 dress changes.

There was a fight that broke out because someone threw champagne .

Jake cut the cake with a sword…

Photo: Sugar Factory

…and then danced in the remains.

One word to sum up the wedding… Jana.

Here at MDRN MAG, we wish them a very happy marriage! We’re ready for all those videos that are soon to come. Comment your thoughts on the Jana wedding below!

Tana Mongeau
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Jake Paul
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Words: Jace Chiappetta | Featured Photo: Denise Truscello

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