Crowd Surfing Tips That’ll Literally Put You Above The Rest.

Crowd Surfing Tips That’ll Literally Put You Above The Rest.

Crowd surfing is the unofficial Olympic sport of the concert community. It’s sweaty, messy, and a whole lot of fun. These tips will help you avoid outfit malfunctions, getting dropped, and will have you sailing over the crowd in no time.

Crowd Surfing, Grizzlee Martin
Photo: Grizzlee Martin

Try to stay on your back as much as possible.

This will help you maintain balance so if you do get dropped you won’t be diving face-first into concrete. It will be easier for you to land on your feet when you’re on your back. Cats may always land on their feet, but we sure don’t! Staying on your back will also make it easier for security to catch you when you make it over to the barricade. If there isn’t a barricade and you have to stage dive, being on your back will make for a smoother transition from the crowd to the stage.

Crowd surfing, Ian Coulson
(Photo by Ian Coulson)

Keep your legs elevated while crowd surfing.

You don’t have to keep your legs straight in the air but having spacial awareness of where your legs are will help you avoid kicking people in the face. Just because the band’s song hits hard, doesn’t mean your feet have to!

(Photo by Kasia Osowiecka)

Ask politely to be lifted up.

“Please” and “Thank You” go a long way here. It never hurts to be nice to the people that will be keeping you afloat. Bonus points for if you tell the people in front of you before or while being picked up that you’re about to crowd surf. This will help your initial lift-off and give a good heads up to the people in front of you.

(Photo by Rabea Haemel)

Hold other people up.

Don’t be a hypocrite and expect the crowd to hold you up if you’re not going to at least try and hold other people up too. Sometimes people fall, and that’s inevitable, but it’s a lot less likely to happen when you and the others around you support them.

Crowd Surfing, Corinne Cumming
Photo: Corinne Cumming

Avoid outfit malfunctions.

People are trying to move you over the crowd and sometimes it can be a rough ride. You don’t want to accidentally expose yourself. If you’re worried about what to wear try to plan ahead and find an outfit that makes YOU feel the most comfortable.

My go-to outfit when I know I’m going to crowd surf is a one-piece and leggings or jeans. I wear clothes that I know won’t budge when getting tossed around.

A good tip is to tuck your shirt into your pants/shorts to prevent your shirt from unintentionally getting lifted up. Lastly, wear soft shoes like Vans or Converse. I know your Doc Martens look great but getting hit in the face with Vans hurts a lot less than getting hit in the face with Docs.

Crowd Surfing, Grayscale)
Photo: Jordan Mizrahi

Everyone can do it.

This last tip is for the people out there that think that because they are disabled, are heavier set or just think they can’t get on top of the crowd. I want you to remember this: Crowd surfing is for everyone, regardless of who or what you are. Everyone is there to have fun and there are people in the crowd that WILL help you. It might take a few tries and you might get dropped but that’s part of the fun! If crowd surfing is something you want to do, then DO IT! Don’t be afraid. You got this!

Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Remember: Have fun. Sing your heart out and chant those lyrics as loud as you can.

Photo: Sarah Rodriguez

Words: Maeve Dupree | Featured Image: Corinne Cumming

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