Rick & Morty Releases First Teaser For The New Season

Rick & Morty Releases First Teaser For The New Season

Rick & Morty release teaser for their long-awaited 4th season.

It’s been 662 days since we last saw Rick & Morty travel the interdimensional universe… but who’s counting… not us.

This long of a wait isn’t new for fans of the show. In the past, there has been about a year and a half wait in between each season.  For some people this could seem absolutely crazy and unnecessary, but to avid fans of the show we know just how much this pays off.

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Never before has there been a show as wild and intricate as Rick & Morty. From new alien races, galaxies, and a bunch of other sciencey things, we understand why this could take a while. 

Earlier this year a teaser was released letting us know that Rick & Morty was not only returning this fall, but was renewed for 70 new episodes! Usually a single season of the show consists of 10 episodes. So we’re eager to know if we’re going to have more episodes to a season, or just 7 more seasons. 

All we know is that we want more “Interdimensional Cable Box” episodes.

At SDCC this past weekend, a teaser was released for the new season. We see Morty and his dad, Jerry, interacting with a new alien character named, Glootie

Fans of Marvel may recognize Glootie’s voice as Korg, our favorite walking rock, in Thor: Ragnorok. Glootie and Korg are both voiced by Taika Watiti, who was recently announced as the writer and  director for Thor: Love and Thunder

We have yet to receive a clear release date for this season, but we are more than ready for it. You can catch-up on Rick & Morty on Adult Swim or Hulu.

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Words: Jace Chiappetta | Featured Image: Adult Swim

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