Join The Wilderness and Fall into Their New Single

Join The Wilderness and Fall into Their New Single

What do you get when five musicians from all over the world come together in Kingston, Ontario? If you’ve answered anything but the indie rock band known as The Wilderness, then you’d be incorrect. With an EP, a few singles, and 400+ shows across the US under their belt, this five-piece is no stranger to the dedication required to succeed in this industry. Now, after spending three weeks locked in a house during the dead of winter in Vermont, they’ve curated a collection of songs. As of July 19th, “Fall (Despite What You Do),” the first track from the collection is available for the world to hear.

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade…

We’ve all heard the saying before, but what happens when life gives you blueberries? Strawberries? What about when life hands you chalk and screwdrivers and paper? You can’t always control what happens to you, or around you, and sometimes that can result in spiraling insanity. “Fall (Despite What You Do)” describes the journey of coming face-to-face with those frightening situations where you have zero control and making the decision to step back and just let it happen.

Easing you into their story with soothing vocals layered over soft and metallic strumming, The Wilderness really nails conveying emotions through sound. Even if all the lyrics were removed, sonically they’ve set the bar. This song is the build of nerves as you sit in the seat of a rollercoaster, anticipating that moment the front just barely tips over the hill and suddenly every part of your brain believes that you’re no longer in your seat and you’re falling, falling, falling

The Wilderness
Photo: CĂ©line Klein

“I wish I could’ve been there somehow,
‘Cause I think you need me right now…”

Continuing lyrically, the track acknowledges the desire to be in control as well as your understanding that you need to allow life to happen. It’s a spectacular dance between vocalist and instrumentalist and listener as this story untangles. The tone is somber but grows to be uplifting as the writer finds comfort in relinquishing all input and command.

Despite functioning beautifully as a solo entity, “Fall (Despite What You Do)” is going to continually thrive as each additional track from this project comes to life. With all the expertise and talent within this band, there’s no doubt every piece of this project will do well and only add to the excellence of the track before it.

The Wilderness
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Words: Kaiti Fleeger | Image: Bobbi Shewchuk

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