Nothing Personal, But We Can’t Even With This All Time Low News

It’s been ten long years since we’ve first gotten “Lost In Stereo” with All Time Low’s album Nothing Personal. This record has been on repeat for every single one of those years, but it was never “Too Much”, it was honestly never enough.

All Time Low – Nothing Personal (2009) Artwork

Luckily, these four rockers from Maryland knew that we were all going to need some major “Therapy” if they didn’t do something special for the anniversary of an album that helped so many of us break down our “Walls”. So, they headed back into the studio to rerecord Nothing Personal and give their fans a live in studio version and the story behind the record. Sadly, there is no talk of a tour to celebrate these past ten years, which must really “Break Your Little Heart” (it sure breaks ours). But, after waiting a decade, it’s finally going to be our year when we get to rock out to a whole new live version of Nothing Personal!

All Time Low
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Words: Anna Grillo | Photo: Jimmy Fontaine

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