Harry Styles and Roles We Want To See Him In

Later this month will mark the 2 year anniversary of Harry Styles’s acting debut.

Two years ago Harry Styles wowed us all as Alex, a British soldier in Dunkirk. He hasn’t had any acting gigs since then, but that’s okay. We know it’s hard for him to pick… So we narrowed it down for him. Here are some roles we think would suit Harry‘s style.

Prince Eric

Photo: Harris Reed

I’m sorry but if this picture doesn’t convince you, then you need glasses. He would be perfect for The Little Mermaid.

Great Gatsby


This look gives us major Leo DiCaprio vibes that we just NEED to see him try on the old sport.

David Bowie

Photo: Alasdair McLellan | Photo: David Bowie

Picture this; a David Bowie biopic. Who would be flashy, emotional, talented and confident enough to play the enigma? Harry is the only answer.

Literally ANY RomCom

One Direction Kiss GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Literally, just put Harry as the lead in any RomCom and we will be the happiest people ever.

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Words: Jace, Celine | Featured Image: Francolis Lo Presti

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