Which 5SOS Era Are You?

Which 5SOS Era Are You?

Are you more of a self-titled or “Youngblood” person? Find out which 5 Seconds of Summer era fits you best with this quick quiz!

You have a date tonight, what's your go-to outfit?

clothing-on-rack Lauren Fleischmann

What's your favorite part of a 5SOS song?

laying-pool-listening-music-earphones Bruno Gomiero

Who's your fav member?

5-seconds-of-summer-band-era Instagram (@5sos)

Pick a Color or Pattern.

girl-flannel-5sos-era Hannah Morgan

Which 5SOS Era Are You?
5 Seconds of Summer (The Album)


You are the epitome of 5SOS' first album, dyed hair and band tees for life! You say you're tough but you're actually baby. You can usually be found wearing skinny jeans, a vintage tee, a flannel and some vans! You love music and Michael's electric guitar riffs! Photo: Instagram (@5SOS)
Sounds Good Feels Good


You embrace the era of the boy's second album, complete with a polaroid camera and acoustic guitar. You're a bit emotional at times and you love wasting the night by going on late-night adventures with your friends and relishing in every moment. Photo: Instagram (@5SOS)
Youngblood (The Album)


You got Youngblood! This era was full of fire and roses, things you very much love. Once in your feelings, you have climbed your way out of heartbreak and let out a little of your party side recently. You can't be found out without your favorite leather jacket and glitter eyeshadow! Photo: Instagram (@5SOS)
5SOS 4


You got 5SOS4! Full of surprises with a darkness about you are usually found deep in thought deciding which way you should go on your life path. Dark colors, chains and boots are must-haves in your wardrobe! Photo: Instagram (@5SOS)

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