God is a Woman, and She Likes to Cuddle

God is a Woman, and She Likes to Cuddle

After not releasing original music since 2017, Neck Deep is back with a surprise single and music video for “She’s a God.” Originating from Wrexham in 2012, this Welsh pop-punk band quickly went from a side hobby to a full-time job for all its members. Together, they’ve released three full-length albums while signed to Hopeless Records. And although the band will spend the majority of 2019 touring, fans are excited about the possible future releases later this year.

In true Neck Deep fashion, they’re sticking to their generic pop-punk roots and we absolutely love it. “She’s a God” is full of catchy hooks and easy-to-learn, repetitive lyrics that are sure to transfer well into any live performance. They’ve taken the traditional poppy love song and spun it on its head, adding a bit of flair to the subject matter. With comparisons to planets and solar flares, as well as mentions of Madonna, the four-piece keeps an overused theme fresh. The lyrics tell a story of ‘the one’ taking the singer to Nirvana with her presence.

Describing her mannerisms, they mention how she looks best with her hair (like) everywhere and how she immediately wants to snuggle upon waking up. There’s talk about her sparkling eyes, as well. Neck Deep even goes as far to not only compare her to a god, but say she is a god and further proving that no one can resist a good cuddle. Not even a god.

“She’s a God” is a fun, summer hit!

The music video is simple, with a fish-eye feature and focuses on the band jamming out in the studio. Preparation and hinting towards more new music, perhaps? There’s a film look to the video which seems to work appropriately with the feel of the entire song.

Overall, the track is fun and a great summer hit. It leaves fans wanting more and anticipating future releases from the band.

Neck Deep is about to embark on a 39-date tour from June to September, with Lil Wayne and Blink-182. Purchase tickets here.

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Words: Kaiti Fleeger | Image: Neck Deep on Instagram

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