Jana: Real or Just For Views?

Jana: Real or Just For Views?

YouTube’s very own: Prank star Jake Paul + beauty guru Tana Mongeau = Jana. Also known as the two recently-engaged, “sociopathic” YouTuber lovebirds who’ve had their brains picked by Shane Dawson himself. At a first glimpse, it sounds like a toxic pair, right? Everyone is well aware of how destructively Jake can act, and how problematic Tana has painted herself out to be. However, many fans have regarded the relationship in a new light: maybe they’re actually perfect for each other.

I’ll provide a bit of background information for each star to show just how perfectly they might fit together…

Jake Paul is notorious for his erratic behavior. He began his career as a Vine star and later caught (and lost) a role on the Disney Channel show Bizaardvark. By the time Vine ended, Jake had already gained millions of followers and kicked off his YouTube channel, for which he filmed irresponsible and usually inappropriate stunts just to keep his view count up.

Tana Mongeau has been a YouTube vlogger for more than four years now, and has kept her life slightly more maintained than Jake‘s. By slightly, I mean she doesn’t upload unsettling, way over-the-top ‘pranks’ for the whole world to see. Albeit she became popular for the life stories she shares, she generally keeps her personal life off-camera.

Here’s where things begin to click. Last summer, Shane Dawson released documentaries on his YouTube channel for both of the other creators. Tana‘s was made after TanaCon, and Jake‘s was made following Shane‘s previous project with a totally different star (pun absolutely intended). Each series centered around the psychology of the character it focused on, with Shane trying to better understand the minds behind the madness.

The catch is that our star-crossed lovers are basically a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde. Their similarities include flamboyance, popularity, controversies, big audiences, and unashamed flashiness. Neither of them cares about the hate they receive or negative perceptions other people possess. Honestly, since the Shane interventions, they’ve both been set on bettering themselves.

Tana knows how to stand up for herself and she’s never afraid to voice her opinions. Not even to Jake! She’s moving upward, and she’s even working on her own reality show for MTV. As for Jake, he knows business. Despite all the backlash he receives for the content he posts, he has a good work ethic and he’s figured out how to be successful in the industry. After all… didn’t he get ‘ten million subscribers in six months’, or something like that?

They’re rising above their pasts, and now they’ve got Shane and each other to help with the process. We stan healthy relationships. Anyway, back to our timeline…

In the following months the docuseries, the pair hung out pretty often and reportedly had multiple hook ups – “reportedly” meaning each of them openly admitted to it.

The couple finally became official towards the end of April of this year and have seemed to be happily in love ever since. Although it all might’ve looked like clickbait at first, things have heated up for the two and at the end of May, Jake and Tana got matching tattoos. Both now have seven tallies, which marked how long they had been together at the time.

They have multiple YouTube videos filmed together now, and plenty of photos on social media to… elegantly capture their romance. Much of their time is spent partying and vlogging – just their scene! On-camera they appear undeniably meant to be.

Tana even celebrated her twenty-first birthday last week with all of her friends, her boyfriend and his cast of Team 10 members. On the night of Tana’s big celebration, Jake proposed on stage in front of a massive crowd, with signs, a cake, and a ring pop for his future fiancée.

Jake Paul proposes to Tana Mongeau on stage in a Las Vegas night club.

“There we were. Shane Dawson’s sociopath kids getting engaged at a nightclub in Las Vegas, Nevada.”

– Jake Paul

Now we have a clout-full engagement, bitter exes, and a carefree, somewhat stable relationship. So far, this ship seems pretty legit. No one really knows what’s in store for Jana, but possibly, hopefully a wedding. And maybe Jake will finally buy Tana the car she’s been begging for.

If you want to keep up with Jana (or, like much of the world, see if Jana will really last) follow their socials:

Tana Mongeau
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Jake Paul
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Words: Krista McGee | Featured Photo: Cassandra McCartney

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