Ed Sheeran’s “Beautiful People” Has a Deeper Meaning That Everyone Needs to Hear

We are back with more deets related to Ed Sheeran’s new album! On June 28th, Sheeran released his new music video for his single “Beautiful People,” which is the first track featured on his upcoming album No. 6 Collaborations. The song features pop star Khalid in this new Summer bop. 

The music video has more of an interesting, deeper meaning to it as you keep watching. “Beautiful People” is used in an ironic manner to describe the lives of ‘important’ or powerful celebrities. The video compares the stereotypical lives that influencers, models, and celebrities live to those who don’t fit in or care for the lifestyle – lifestyles such as partying on yachts, going to fashion shows, house parties, special events, riding limos, and flying private jets. To contrast the two lives, the video mainly surrounds a couple experiencing the stereotypes and expectations around “beautiful people” but still managing to stay themselves the whole time. 

First Scene: The limo ride 

At the beginning of the music video, the couple waits in line, before an employee leads them outside towards a gorgeous limo. Inside, unfamiliar to the experience, they are snacking on potato chips and an apple juice, despite there being a bottle of champagne and sushi already in the car.

Second Scene: The pool party

In this scene, you’ll see plenty of ‘beautiful people’ dancing and hanging out by the pool at a gorgeous mansion— most of them in their swimsuits. The couple takes a seat in their fold out chairs, putting sunscreen on each other and blowing up arm floaties while eating sandwiches. To create a major contrast, a man pops open a bottle of champagne and spills it everywhere, while the husband does the same with a bottle of cola, (we so relate).

Third Scene: The yacht party

At an event stereotypically known for models and other ‘beautiful’ women partying, the couple are once again shown to be outliers. While the husband suffers sea sickness, and the wife struggles to keep her towel down, the women stare across the water, letting the wind flow in their hair. The major contrast between them is the struggle against the wind and moving with the wind. 

Fourth Scene: The car scene

The couple is driving down on a road at night, struggling to read a map and find out where to go. A couple cars pass by them, with their music playing and some standing with their roof of their cars open. 

Fifth Scene: The fashion show 

The couple does not seem the slightest bit interested in fashion, hence the husband sleeping in the front row while the wife looks uncomfortable (perhaps self-conscious about her body). You can also peep Ed Sheeran and Khalid in the front row next to them, who contrasts the couple by showing more interest. 

Sixth Scene: The house party

While the ‘beautiful people’ are having fun and dancing without a care in the world, the couple decides to slow dance together. Although they don’t find the party as much fun as everyone else, they found sudoku puzzles way more interesting! They also value their privacy at night and their sleep way more than staying up ’til morning (and I can so relate to that).

Seventh Scene: The private jet 

The couple sticks to being themselves— keeping a neck pillow in hand and sneaking complimentary snacks in their pockets for later. After their flight, there is a driver and a car waiting outside for them. Instead of taking the ride from the driver, they take the bus instead. 

The point of the video was to show that there is nothing wrong with being yourself, and that we shouldn’t feel pressured by society to assimilate into a certain culture or group that may seem popular or appealing. This can apply to anyone at any age – life in fame and fortune isn’t always as glamorous as it turns out to be. Staying true to yourself is always the best way to go, and that’s the message Sheeran wanted to put out for everyone.

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Words: Anna Grillo | Featured Photo: Beautiful People Official Video

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