Festival Essentials: What You DO and DON’T Need

Festival Essentials: What You DO and DON’T Need

Going to a festival soon, and not sure what to bring? We’ve got you covered. Keep reading for a breakdown of all your festival essentials.


Your ticket: DUH

Money (cash and cards): Because capitalism is still a thing and nothing is free.

A tent: Weather is a thing that exists.

A sleeping bag: Hypothermia is not a myth.

A roll mat: You’re worth it. And they’re lighter than an air bed.

A blanket: To cover up while you make a quick dash for the bathroom in the middle of the night. Could also double as a cape if you decide to have a fashion show.

Re-useable water bottle: Save the planet. And carry out alcohol at the same time.

Phone: How else are you going to get photos of you doing drunk stuff to post on Instagram later?

Portable charger (or 5): How else are you going to keep your phone charged, so you can get photos of you doing drunk stuff to post to Instagram later?

Torch: I promise you when you’re trying to find your tent in the dark at 3am, they WILL all look the same. A head-torch would also be useful so you can have your phone for selfies in one hand, and alcohol in the other.

Bin bags: Who wants to pack their muddy clothes and raincoats in with everything else.

A guitar: Everyone needs an instrument for a campfire sing along.


Wellies: When the heavens open up and rain down from above, you don’t want to find yourself dredging though a sea of mud, running a pair of trainers you bought because you thought they would look ‘cute on Instagram’.

Welly Socks: Pack more of these than packs of glitter. Welly rub is not your friend. And you can be sure it’ll be even worse if it rains. Cover a distance higher than your wellies – and you can dance all night long.

Underwear: Heres hoping I don’t need to explain why…

Clothes to wear: Again hoping I don’t need to explain why…

Waterproof Coat: WITH a hood. Otherwise its just a cute jacket.

Sunglasses: If the sun does decide to grace you with its presence, its helpful to be able to see in front of you. If you’re squinting, you might face plant the mud in front of you.

Hat: The quirkier the better, its easier for your friends to find you when you inevitably get lost if your hat is a bit silly.

Ear Plugs: There’s always someone who snores louder than you thought was possible.

Eye-Mask: If you’re at a festival in the summer, it starts to get light at a ridiculous hour, and if you’re ready to go to sleep before that, you’re not living your best festival life.


Coffee: “But first, coffee”.

Alcohol: Because festival alcohol is expensive. And probably not available at 6am.

Food: Because £/$12 for a burger is daylight robbery. Pot noodles are cheap if you have cooking facilities you can take (BBQ, gas fire).


Toilet-Roll: DUH.

Deodorant: Smelling good is better than smelling bad.

Hand sanitiser: You’ll regret it if you don’t.

Sunscreen: Sunburn is not a myth.

Towel: How else are you going to dry off after a shower or a morning sink wash?

Toothbrush and Toothpaste: Nothing is worse than your friend having to tell you that you have bad breath.

Dry Shampoo: There’s only so much greasy hair you can cover with glitter.


Medication: You may want to check with the festival before hand on what their medication policy is. Be prepared to bring proof with you for your bag check.

Others: Plasters, after-sun cream, antiseptic cream, burn stuff, condoms.


Many items are prohibited, and these can vary festival by festival. Do your research before hand so you don’t get stuck with a gazebo or gas fire you can’t dispose of. Later equipment, animals (unless guide dogs), speakers, fireworks, professional filming equipment, drones, and more may also be prohibited. Check with the festival before you travel, and be prepared to be searched on arrival.

Words: Natasha Fountain | Featured Photo: Isle Of Wight Festival

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