A Stand Alone Film – MIB:International (2019)

On June 15th, 2019 MIB: International (2019), a reboot of the classic film, Men In Black (1997), was released. Many critics have made the mistake of comparing it to the original MIB films. Even though it is part of the same franchise, Men In Black: International (2019) is no sequel. This film certainly stands on its own without the help of the previous MIB films.

The new film is an entirely new story. So it would be unfair to compare the likes of Will Smith to Tessa Thompson or Chris Hemsworth to Tommy Lee Jones. Reason being, that each film has no correlation. The intention of the new film is not to continue a story or to retell an old one. MIB:International (2019) tells a new tale.

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A Brief Synopsis…

MIB: International (2019) is a must see film in which director, F.Gary Gray, reunites Thor: Ragnarok (2017) co-stars Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson. The introduction of a female lead as a new agent for the Men in Black is refreshing and well executed. The chemistry between Hemsworth and Thompson is comedic and genuine.

Thompson portrays young, new, Agent M, formerly known as Molly. As a child, she has a first-hand encounter with an extraterrestrial being that sparks her interest in the Men in Black. Through her countless efforts, Molly finally discovers the Men in Black where she would soon meet future colleague, Agent H. Chris Hemsworth plays the notorious Agent H, who is a senior agent that somehow seems to be even less informed on the industry in which he works than his trainee, Agent M. This dynamic duo takes each challenge as it comes, solving each one in the most unorthodox possible way.

CGI and Other Filming Techniques

There is no doubt that as time goes on, the expansion and development of new technology continues to grow. Even in modern times, computer-generated imagery is difficult to pull off and it is rare to see it executed well. MIB: International (2019) actually does a marvelous job in incorporating CGI, with out over doing it. Furthermore, the vast amount go CGI used within the film is no surprise.

I mean, how else would we expect some of the fictional characters to come to life?

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One particular character brought to life using CGI is none other than the tiny, green alien, Pawny. This adorable creature, voiced by Kumail Nanijani, certainly steals the show with his comedic relief. Almost every time Pawny had a speaking part, we had to stifle our laughter to be courteous to the other viewers in the theater. Another filming technique used was the proper use of camera angles. Using Pawny for another example, his small stature means that he sees the world very differently than the human species. In general, most dialogue scenes use straight on close ups that transition back and forth between the characters speaking. However, when Agent M and Agent H first meet Pawny, we see a new point of view. Using a low camera angle, viewers are able to look up at the two agents from Pawny‘s perspective.


Men In Black: International (2019) is undoubtedly hilarious, which came as a pleasant surprise. Many reboots and remakes try too hard to force in the humor. It is likely that Hemsworth and Thomspon‘s past work together in Thor: Ragnarok (2017) helped in making sure that the humor came off genuine. Agent M is likable and easy to relate to as she expresses her humor through her goofy nature. Meanwhile, Agent H‘s charm and self-absorbedness comes off even funnier. Hemsworth even tosses his marvel fans small reference joke to Thor somewhere within the film.

As previously stated, the two films, MIB (1997) and MIB:International (2019), cannot be compared. Overall the new film is catered to the more modern audience. Any original Men in Black (1997) fans returning in hopes of a nostalgic feeling might be disappointed.

Men In Black: International (2019) is a funny, well executed, stand alone, sci-fi film that will not disappoint!

Words: Sophia Mora | Featured Photo: Sony Pictures

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