5SOS Rock Out B96 Chicago’s Summer Bash

5SOS Rock Out B96 Chicago’s Summer Bash

5 Seconds of Summer were one of the many headliners of last weekend’s Summer Bash concert, and the band had everyone in the venue jumping on their feet as soon as they stepped on stage.  Fourth on the lineup this year, 5SOS opened up with their newest single “Easier” with the smoothest transition from the intro to the song, thanks to drummer Ashton Irwin. It’s among one of the first performances of the new song, as the band continue to do promotion around the world. Calum Hood killed the incredible bassline, whilst Luke Hemmings hit an amazing falsetto – as usual. 

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Going from their new track to an old favorite, and a song that many know them for, the band then played “She Looks So Perfect” as the crowd shouted back the lyrics to the classic 5SOS hit! Transitioning into their recent collaboration with The Chainsmokers, next the band played “Who Do You Love” before going into another fan favorite, “Jet Black Heart”, as Michael Clifford hyped up the crowd and shredded the guitar.

Ending their set, 5SOS went into a single from their latest album, “Want You Back,” before ending with their hit song “Youngblood.” The band opened with a breathtaking acoustic harmony, before Hood jumped to keyboard whilst Hemmings lead into the first verse with vocals. The entire crowd were jumping by the end of the set, and the energy in the room was incredible!

We can’t wait till 5 Seconds of Summer goes on tour this Fall! Did you go to B96 Chicago’s SummerBash? What was your favorite 5SOS moment?

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Words: Mar Maldonado | Featured Photo: B96Chicago

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