The Time We Partied With 5SOS And Accidentally Danced Into Ashton at Michael’s DJ Set

5 Seconds Of Summer guitarist Michael Clifford recently booked a DJ set at prestigious London venue The London Reign Showclub Tuesday June 11th.

With little known about Michael‘s DJ history or experience, it was unknown to all what the night would hold. After securing a spot on the guest list, our group was shown to a limited balcony area, overseeing the downstairs floor. We situated ourselves at a table directly to the left of the DJ booth, and the raised stage raised stage behind it; where Michael and the other members of 5SOSAshton, Luke, and Calum – would spend the majority of the foreseeable evening.

The small intimate venue made the night only more special, with a capacity of 430, and a small catwalk stage from the DJ booth into the dance floor, the view was optimal from every angle for Michael‘s arrival.

The set began promptly at 1am, lasting approximately one hour. Inclusive to popular charted songs, two crowd favourites were evident in his set – “Old Town Road” (Lil Nas X feat. Billy Ray Cyrus), and “Youngblood“, an original 5 Seconds Of Summer song.

Upon hearing “Youngblood”, a certified banger, the crowd was instantly electrified, (though likely intoxicated), dancing and singing along to the track; whilst 5SOS members Ashton, Luke, and Calum participated from the DJ booth where Michael was situated.

We remained for the majority of the night in the limited balcony section, with Ashton temporarily joining us later in the night to dance from above the crowd (sorry for accidentally dancing into you Ashton – blame the vodka).

Michael‘s passion for DJ-ing is clearly evident, using Pioneer CD-J‘s coupled with a mixer – the more traditional and skilled method to the art. Throughout his entire set, Michael could be seen inside the DJ booth dancing on beat with the music, and engaging with the crowd, whilst simultaneously taking pride in ensuring the music was meticulously managed to ensure the best output.

Conclusively, Michael set aside any doubt of wannabe status that night. As a live performer, he is skilled in reading crowds, with a strong understanding of popular music, likely attributing to his ability to engage a crowd like none other.

If you get a chance to see a Michael Dj-ing, its a MUST. His skills are phenomenal. Just don’t get caught trying to take sneaky photos of Calum and Luke like we did…

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Words and photos: Natasha Fountain | Cover photo: Michael Clifford on Twitter

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