Details on Ed Sheeran’s upcoming album ‘No.6 Collaborations’

Unlike his last three albums (Plus, Multiply, and Divide), Ed Sheeran’s fourth album title (surprisingly) has anything to do with math! (After all, it’s still summer!). Sheeran plans to release his fourth project July 12, titled No. 6 Collaborations. Although there isn’t a No.4, 3, 2, or 1, he released a No. 5 Collaborations project back in 2011; featuring Devlin, Wiley, P Money, JME, Mikill Pane, Ghetts, Random Impulse, Dot Rotten, and Sway & Wretch.

The track list and features for No. 6 have just dropped. The new album will be made up of 15 tracks, and feature multiple artists such as Cardi B, Khalid, Chance the Rapper, Justin Bieber, Eminem, H.E.R, Travis Scott, Ella Mai, and more.

So far, two singles have been released, both featured on the album: “Cross Me” featuring Chance the Rapper and “I Don’t Care” featuring Justin Bieber. According to iTunes, “I Don’t Care” currently sits at number 4 on the charts, Number 3 on the pop charts, and number 5 on the Billboard Top 100. “Cross Me” sits at number 12 on the pop charts, and number 49 on the Billboard Top 100.

With the current charting of these two songs, the known talents of Sheeran and the artists that are featured, No. 6 Collaborations is guaranteed to take over both the iTunes and Billboard charts – and we’ll be sure to be the first to give a fire review!

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Words: MDRN MAG | Photo: Ed Sheeran on Twitter

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