YUNGBLUD Is A ‘Riot’ At Isle Of Wight Festival

YUNGBLUD Is A ‘Riot’ At Isle Of Wight Festival

By far the best of the entire weekend.

After having his passport stolen only 5 days prior, Dominic Harrison, better known as YUNGBLUD, was forced to cancel two shows on his upcoming tour (Vancouver, Portland) and postpone another (Seattle).

Unfortunately now stranded in the UK, Isle Of Wight Festival attendees were informed of the news two days later, with just 3 days notice, of his addition to the Saturday lineup. Already stranded, why not play a show?

Appearing for a modest 50 minutes on the sheltered big top stage, YUNGBLUD‘s performance at the Isle Of Wight Festival was phenomenal start to finish. The high energy performance included fan favourites “Tin Pan Boy“, 21st Century Liability“, “Anarchist‘, “Loner“, and newly released track “Parents“. Inclusive to this, unreleased track “Ice Cream Man” was showcased in his typical punk rock style, partying just as they did for popular released tracks.

Noted on the leg of his red jumpsuit paired with his trademark pink socks, his performance was a ‘riot’. The crowd jumped in a unified frenzy to the punk rock tracks, whilst YUNGBLUD himself ran the stage end-to-end, with multiple high leg kicks, and seductive dancing; playing up to the cameras recording his set – later released on youtube in consequence of changes to the American leg of his current tour.

The crowd acted as instructed, jumping when commanded in a mosh-pit fashion. YUNGBLUD‘s energy was felt all across the tent, not just through the middle mosh section. Even passerby’s were pulled into the tent to witness the anarchy unfold. If they didn’t know who he was before, they do now.

Grab a ticket to see YUNGBLUD on his upcoming UK, Europe and American tour, or at one of his festival appearances here.

Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

Words: Natasha Fountain | Photo: Isle Of Wight Festival

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