Youngblood, Say Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday!

One year ago, 5 Seconds of Summer dropped their junior album Youngblood a week ahead of schedule. After taking time away to recalibrate, focus on themselves, and gain some real life experience, the guys began a brand new era with a record breaking album release. They became the first band to have their first three albums debut at #1 on the Billboard chart. Shortly after, the band launched into a fifty-three date world tour.

When the Youngblood era began, there was a drastic shift within the fans. Unconditional excitement bubbled over and there was this unified determination to make this album the most successful one yet. Which is exactly what they did. Scheduled streaming parties, handing out fliers, gifting the album to fans who couldn’t afford it, international album giveaways done by update accounts of all sizes. The community grew together and worked hard to provide promotion where the band’s label and management team failed to. It was amazing and refreshing to watch people from all walks of life coming together to support 5SOS.

5SOS's Youngblood is one

“To me, it is about just seeking who you really are. Like why are you existing or what do you want to contribute to the world. Making me realize that I am very powerful and can contribute anything to this society.”

Vicky | @SUNKLSSEDLRH | 17

The release of Youngblood signaled a change within the band, as well. The confidence they projected was off the charts, in the best way. Their style and aesthetic had morphed into that of an eccentric 80’s cowboy surrounded in neon lighting. They were destroying gender norms left and right, speaking out about what it means to them to be men in the music industry. Pulling from inspirations like David Bowie, the guys experimented with make-up and glitter and nail polish. They pushed the boundaries with their wardrobes. It became obvious that they we getting closer and closer to realizing their truest selves.

As a result, the fans began to find their confidence as well. Those streaming parties often came with the encouragement to share a selfie, with the hashtag #SelfiesFor5SOS. Compliments were being handed out left and right. It was this impenetrable positive environment that, at the time, felt like such a rare find. Social media can be, and often is, a very toxic place to exist. However, during this time within the fandom, the positive actually seemed to outweigh the negative.

Aussie band's third album rocks

“They are becoming more and more of themselves, and allow a safe space for us to be ourselves. there is nothing more beautiful than accepting each other and bringing up hard times, but also learning from them.”

Sabrina | @calstits | 21

Luke Hemmings, Youngblood singer

“Youngblood means revival. It means sprouting from the ashes of the past and moving forward and taking the lessons you’ve learned to help guide you though the next chapter in your life.”

Alivia | @bananahemmingx | 20

Youngblood provided a home for so many people. The band, the music, the shows, the community surrounding this era grew to be a safe space. It was this incredible movement created by four dudes just trying to authentically tell their story in the only way they knew how. Honestly, I think it turned into something bigger than anything they could have even imagined when they began the writing process for their third album.

This era of the band saw creativity within the fans rise beyond anything anyone expected. The confidence in themselves gave them confidence to create and produce work that amazed even the toughest critics. From clothing to photography to make-up looks to drawing, every single artistic base was covered. It’s just yet another example of how music can bring out the best in people.

Ash on drums

“It means an era of new beginnings. A fresh start.. a new story that’s been dying to be told.”

Jordan | @Jordanking1919 | 22

A story that borderlines on tragic, 5 Seconds of Summer‘s third album not only discusses the highs and lows of relationships, but also delves into what it’s like to deal with a toxic relationship as well. Fans around the world found companionship in tracks like “Lie to Me”, “Ghost of You”, and “More“. With lyrics and vocals that pull emotions from the darkest part of your soul, this entire era seemed to act as a healing process for band and fans alike. 2016-2018 was a dark place and through these songs, each individual fan was able to find some solace and sense of belonging.

With lyrics that are hard-hitting and beats that make you dizzy, 5 Seconds of Summer‘s third album left no room for disappointment. You could feel the heartbreak in every single word. The tension between two people was palpable through each note. Those emotions transcended their live performances, creating a night that would not be soon forgotten.

Meet You There was the tour that accompanied Youngblood. It sent the guys traveling around the world on fifty-three seperate dates. Each show was unique, something only that audience would experience. The stage was surrounded by neon lit pillars and only furthered the current aesthetic. It was a beautiful thing to witness, listening to the fans scream back every word of the songs from an album that brought everyone back together.

5 Seconds of Summer

“[It] is like my best friend, whenever I’m feeling sad, happy, upset, can’t sleep and many more, I listened to the whole album until I feel better.”

Dionice | @dncszxx | 19

Luke during MYT or Youngblood

“[T]his album, to me, showed how music can free individuals and challenge normal musical expectations.”

Sophia | @xocitylight | 18

Youngblood set the pace for where Luke, Calum, Ashton, and Michael are in their lives currently. It was a creative and stylistic bridge between Sounds Good Feels Good and their upcoming fourth album. Just this small portion of their career became so monumental and important in their overall story. It’s an era of the band, and being a fan, that will stay with majority of their fans for the rest of their lives. This album saved lives and changed lives and there’s no denying, or way around that. Creating something like this is once-in-a-lifetime, but perhaps we’re about to see 5 Seconds of Summer do it again with their next album.


“I play this song at my best and at my worst and it has gotten me through grief, anxiety, stress, depression, and lots of events
where I’m a bit on
edge or anxious.”
Alyssa | @Alyssaaserrato | 21

Artwork: Parker | @moremyg

Track 2 from Youngblood


“It felt very much as a song 5sos was singing to us, the fans, rather than a relationship necessarily. The chorus made me realize how much I had dedicated to them, and how much I did NOT regret it.”
Sydnee | @smallyeomie | 18

Artwork: Amelia | @welpsauce


“When I first heard it, I played it about 20 times a day. I often found myself crying to the car to this song even though I wasn’t sad. Being in a relationship that isn’t good for you, and people are telling you it’s no good for you. Yet you stay because you just can’t let go.”
Alyssa | @Alyssaaserrato | 21

Artwork: Hannah | @Hamah5S0S

Third single from Youngblood


“I’m getting married next year and my relationship is exactly how Valentine portrays love. We don’t need a special day to love and spoil each other when we do it every day. We’ve been together almost 7 years and he still makes me feel like a princess, which is what Valentine is about.”
Carolyn | @clynn1195 | 23

Artwork: Trisha | @Besideskz

Talk Fast, Youngblood artwork


“The lyrics suggest to me that I should enjoy the moment that I am in – don’t take moments for granted and live in the present, rather than the past or future. This is a mind frame common for me, so this song is a good reminder to enjoy life and savour each moment before they’re gone – experience all the emotions.”
Samara | @bemyvalntyne | 17

Artwork: Michelle | @1.800.mich

Moving Along


“It’s a journey of restoration and caring about yourself, and sometimes to get closure one would like that other person in the relationship to make things clear. Wanting closure is normal, but something you have to get over since it may not happen.”
Luisa | @luisa_f37 | 20

Artwork: Alisa | @lietometas

If Walls Could Talk


It has always reminded me of my relationships and the secrets I’ve hid between my bedroom walls. […] This song is so packed with pain, anger and frustration that it amazes me. Being able to put so much emotion into a song in such a powerful way is incredible. This song makes me feel, when nothing else can.”
Ariel | @Hi_Its_Ari_ | 20

Artwork: Sara | @heliosmgc

Better Man from Youngblood


“Regardless of romantic love or not, we can be the best versions of ourselves through loving each other. This impacted me a lot because it showed me that everything has so many different sides and perspectives. While love can be destructive and dangerous, Better Man proves that it can also be a form of salvation.”
Coral | @zildsos | 15

Image: Molly | @thtfangirlmolly
Design: Lea | @leaknielsen

More, from Youngblood


“I didn’t immediately associate it as a separation between 2 people, but as a reflection of growing up. I imagined the lyrics as you saying it to your younger self.”
Tiana | @TianaRose96 | 23

Artwork: Kota | @kotarhyn

Why Won't You Love Me


I got the lyrics “don’t worry you won’t be lonely” tattooed on my arm because that lyric really spoke to me. This lyric not only has the special 5sos root connected to it but it also is a reminder that no matter what i will always have my friends, my family, my sisters by my side to guide me 

Kaylee | babyIonsIuke | 21

Artwork: Liz | @lukeculture

Woke Up in Japan


“The lyrics hit me hard and it just means a lot to me for reasons I can’t really explain.”

Daisy | @bdlndsclffrd | 15

Artwork: Sandrine | @saintiukes

Empty Wallets artwork


“This song inspires to live this life to be bold and go out of your comfort zone.”

Alina | @5SOSalina | 15

Artwork: Anna | @artistic_sky

Youngblood tribute tattoo for Ghost of You


“That song was one that was so easy to connect with, it felt as though somebody else knew my pain, someone else knew what I was going through. It made me feel not alone.”

Brooke | @discxnnecthd | 15

Artwork: Bethina | @fivesosjustin

Monster Among Men


“For me this song is about me dealing with anxiety and my problems, it’s about how these things affects my personal life and my connections with people, how I feel like I can’t be my self bc I became my problems and I want to fight them.”

Stevie | @Easiermgcc |18

Artwork: Mara | @monsteramongart

Youngblood make-up look


“Although the song is most likely meant to be for a person, I use it for my goals too. I know that good things will happen to me that will impact me in a way that I can’t even imagine and I’ll meet them wherever they are.”

Lia | @grapefruitcth | 17

Artwork: Madeline | @maddiemarie22

Babylong from Youngblood


“I was stuck on this person who treated me like trash. They kept on feeding all these words to me by saying how much I meant to them, how much they love me, they  were just saying this to keep me around, when I didn’t matter. They made our relationship seem perfect when in reality it was burning down.”

Kira | @5secsofcluster | 15

Artwork: Julia | @JuliaMB02

Youngblood bonus track


“Things with my family aren’t so great… so when I walk away I don’t know if the love my family has will be there.”

Ines | @ineesalcaniiz | 16

Artwork: Michael | @mycal_art

Best Friend from Youngblood


“My sister is struggling with depression so I feel sad and so… powerless. Sometimes I don’t know how to communicate with her during her dark days. The first time I sent her this song, she opened up to me.”

Farhah | @classyfar1 | 21

Artwork: Anna | @anictief

Words: Kaiti Fleeger | Featured Image: Youngblood album cover

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