5SOS make it Easier

Waiting for summer is always a tough gig, but 5 Seconds of Summer has made it “Easier” with their infectious track that’s a little synth, a little grunge and a whole lot of fun.

The track features some serious star power from chart topping artists like Charlie Puth and Ryan Tedder (One Republic) in its composition but 5SOS brings the vocal and melodic power to their first release with new label Interscope. While this song isn’t a strong departure from the sound they debuted with “Youngblood” in 2018, it’s a dramatically different statement from their earlier rebellious releases.

Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin, on bass and drums respectively, really get a chance to shine in the way they deliver the depth and grunge of this song. Their intense rhythm add the darkness that sets this track apart from a lot of current top 40 releases and allows the band to continue to push the limits of their sound. Melodic guitars lead by Michael Clifford and heady, foot tapping vocals from Luke Hemmings pull it all together to create magic.

With “Easier,” the quad has settled into a comfortable confidence that offers a sparking, sexy sonic. The drum line is a nod to Nine Inch Nails “Closer” and offers a weight to the airy pop notes. Hemmings teasing vocals pull you into a synthy groove reminiscent of late 90s R&B in all the right ways.

The video, released same day, amplifies the pulsing darkness of the peppy track with moody lighting and jarring scenery inside the caves of California. The aesthetic pulls on elements of earth, fire, water and air. This stark harmony is a fantastic representation of what they’ve done not only with “Easier“, but as the seamless whole they become when performing as 5 Seconds of Summer. If this track is the direction they’re headed with their upcoming (eventually) fourth studio album, I’m unquestioningly along for the ride.

5 Seconds Of Summer

Words: Danielle Shull | Photo: Dusty Kessler

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